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Chessure is a fictional creature in the DC Universe. It is the monstrous pet/bodyguard of Malice Vundabar, youngest member of the Female Furies. The name "Chessure" is an apparent reference to the Cheshire Cat. Chessure is only seen in deep shadows or darkness. It has glowing eyes and a huge, fanged, grinning mouth. It is unknown what the rest of the creature's body looks like; it may not even have one. Chessure is sometimes shown as a vague hulking silhouette several times larger than a grown man. Presumably, like its mistress, it hails from the world of Apokolips, but its origin has yet to be explained.

Often, Malice will pretend to be a little girl in distress, in order to lure a victim close enough for Chessure to devour him or her. This seems to nourish (or cause great pleasure) for both Chessure and Malice.

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