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Don't run from Chester.
~ Emily's message about Chester.

Chester is the secondary antagonist of the PC videogame Emily Wants To Play, and the last doll to appear in the game. He is one of the Dolls that Emily has befriended when she talked to them and has helped her when she died in the basement of her house after she, and her parents moved away from their old home. Chester is also an expert at attacking his victims by his attack style from a game named 'Tag'.


Chester is a small dummy that most resembles a human, wearing a black business suit. He has short brown hair, along with gray trousers and black shoes. Chester also seems to have a skull-like shaped face with a normal sized head but very thin skin leading down to his mouth.


Not much is known about his personality. He emits a laugh and attacks his victims, suggesting he is sadistic.


He along with, Kiki, and Mr. Tatters were discovered by Emily in her new home's basement and she usually talks with them, and her parents took it as a first positive sign for Emily's behavior. Soon he, and the other dolls were alive and it was unknown wither he, and the dolls killed her parents, or by Emily herself.

In Game

At 11AM he was seen in either the kitchen before the game started.

At 2AM she lefts another message saying 'Don't Run From Chester' when the doll in question appears, to help Mr. Tatters to kill the Protagonist.

At 3AM she lefts another saying 'Isn't This So Fun?' When all three dolls appeared to attack the Protagonist.

At 5AM she lefts another message saying 'Let's All Play! Come Find Me!' Where, She, her doll friends appear at the final level. The rules are the same: Find Emily while avoided the dolls, without turing the lights on, and avoid obstacles. The basement is available in this level.

At 6AM Emily lefts the final message saying 'That Was Fun! Let's Play Again Sometime!' Where the Protagonist can escape. If the player stays to long, or doesn't make it out in time she, and the dolls will appear at the same time, and kills the Protagonist.

After the game he, and the other dolls were recovered at the news article and will return in Emily Wants To Play 2.


  • He resembles Slappy from Goosebumps.
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