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Villain Overview

Can your ideas change the world?
~ Chester's most famous qoute
Food with legs is much harder to catch. They hide, they fight back, they wanna live. Blugh! But now that I control your FLDSMDFR, I can pave your island and work in complete secrecy. Livecorp will remain the coolest, hippest company in the world with the new Foodbar version 8.0!
~ Chester V's evil plan.
I saved myself!
~ Chester V's last words before being eaten by the Cheespider.

Chester V, also known as the "Ghost Man", is the main antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's 9th feature film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

He was the founder and CEO of Live Corp (also known as Evil Corp, while spelled backward), Flint Lockwood's archenemy and former idol. He at first joins Flint and his community to restore Swallow Island back to normal after the FLDSMDFR malfunctioned and nearly destroyed the world with gigantic foot leftovers, but it later turns out he wants to acquire the FLDSMDFR for his own gain. He is also one of the most evil Sony Pictures Animation villains to date.

He was voiced by Will Forte, who also played Principal Farquhare in The Cleveland Show.


Chester V is a tall, slender, elderly man with tan skin, green eyes, and a short white mustache. He wears an orange vest, a black shirt, black pants, orange and white shoes, and glasses.

His head, neck, and the collar of his vest resemble an incandescent light bulb. When he was younger, he had ginger hair.


Flint: The BS-USB… reprogrammed it?
Chester V: It was never gonna turn off the machine! A BS-USB? Hello! Your machine is what I wanted all along.
Flint: You… lied to me!
Chester V: Of course I lied to you. I knew you'd eventually fall for these
pathetic creatures!
Flint: But… you were my idol. My whole life, I looked up to you. I wanted to
be you!
Chester V: Oh, Lockwood. I was just using you to get your invention.
~ Chester V revealing his true nature to Flint after reprogramming the FLDSMDFR.

Chester V is known to be deceptive, conceited, fraudulent, callous, egotistical, and manipulative, as he will do what it takes to further his goals while showing no regard to anyone's life other than his own. He appears to have great knowledge of Chinese proverbs and greets others with "Namaste", a common greeting used by Hindus, suggesting that he may also be extremely knowledgeable and intelligent of Indian culture, and presumably other world cultures in general.

To the public, Chester V displayed a character of brilliance and curiosity by wanting to help the world become a more flavorful better place by using a lone line of Food Bars, he has a great fondness for more than any other of his creations. In reality, he was more concerned about the popularity of his company and was willing to make it more popular, by extreme means. He also has several holograms who help him with his goals and protect him whenever he is in danger.

At first, Chester V is apparently trying to protect the world from the supposedly dangerous Foodimals. However, it is revealed that the Foodimals are friendly and are afraid of Live Corp. Chester himself reveals to Flint that he was actually planning on making the Foodimals into food bars to improve his business. He also shows some sadism as seen when almost kills Flint's friends despite promising to spare them and by showing no remorse for betraying Flint nor for using him.

Chester had very little to no respect for his assistant Barb as he repeatedly called her "Monkey" instead "Ape", once even stating that he would never send a monkey to do his work after she tried to help him with the situation of being exposed. On the contrary, Chester was somewhat of a coward, as he called out Barb to save him as the last resort of escaping from his enemies. Unknown to him, she would turn against him for his treatment.

His arrogance proved to be his downfall, since he proved that he would do anything to get his way; even going as far as willing to kill the friends of an eccentric inventor who looked up to him.


Early Years

Chester V's origins are quite unknown, but in his early years, he made his first invention known as the food bar and then began to invent and founded Live Corp. A world-renowned scientist (very clearly a parody of the late Steve Jobs), apparent super-inventor, and the CEO of Live Corp, Chester invented various items, such as Live Corp's ever so popular food bars, his assistant: Barb, and presumably; his holograms programmed to travel and run errands where the real Chester couldn't go.

However, he was extremely greedy, malicious and acquisitive, as he tried to expand his company's popularity, calling it "the coolest, hippest company in the world". Around some point, his orange facial hair went white and he began to wear a Live Corp vest instead of a lab coat. He also discovered Flint's latest, "destroyed" FLDSMDFR, and tracked down the invention; discovering that the FLDSMDFR survived the explosion.

Immediately, Chester sent one of his holograms and Live Corp members to the food covered Swallow Falls in search of the machine, which Chester wanted to use to develop his latest food bar: the Live Corp Food Bar 8.0.

Arrival at Swallow Falls

He relocated Flint, his friends, and the citizens of Swallow Falls to San Franjose, California. Unbeknownst to Flint, the FLDSMDFR survived the explosion and landed in the center of the island, and Chester was determined to find it.

Chester invited Flint, his biggest fan, to work at Live Corp, where he meets Chester's assistant Barb, a talking orangutan with a human brain. Meanwhile, Chester was informed that his search-parties on the island were been attacked by monstrous cheeseburgers which were learning how to swim.

Fearing the world's inevitable doom, Chester tasks Flint to find the FLDSMDFR and destroy it once and for all by using The BSUSB (short for Bifurcating Systematic Universal Stop Button). Despite Chester's demands to keep the mission classified, Flint recruits his girlfriend and meteorologist Sam Sparks, her cameraman Manny, police officer Earl Devereaux, and "Chicken" Brent. Much to Flint's dismay, his father Tim joins the crew and they travel to Swallow Falls on his fishing boat.

Later, Chester discovers that Flint allowed his friends to join in the mission and arrives on the island with Barb, chagrined and determined to separate them. After escaping a Tacodile attack, Sam notices that the Foodimal was protecting its family, and begins to suspect Chester is up to no good. Sam attempts to convince Flint to spare the Foodimals, but Flint is intent on making Chester proud. Sam leaves in anger, along with the others (including his pet monkey named Steve).

In the jungle, Sam proves that the Foodimals mean no harm by taming a Cheespider. Upon realizing Chester had deceived them and Live Corp's true colors (via Evil Corp), the group is taken hostage by Live Corp employees.

Operation Slice n Dice

Flint finds the FLDSMDFR, but notices a family of cute marshmallows and becomes hesitant to destroy the machine. Flint finally realizes that the machine and its Foodimals are not dangerous. However, Chester V plugs the BSUSB into the machine. It reveals that what it really does is reprogram the machine to it to a Live Corp setting and that the former reveals to Flint that he wanted his machine all along. Chester immediately seizes control of the FLDSMDFR and knocks a crushed Flint into the river but rescued by the marshmallows.

Flint is taken to his father who, along with the Foodimals, helps him infiltrate the Live Corp building that is under construction on the island. Flint frees the trapped Foodimals and confronts Chester, who announces his plot to make his updated line of food bars out of the Foodimals and threatens to make food bars out of his friends who are wrapped by police tape. Chester makes several holograms of himself to overwhelm Flint, but Flint uses the "Party-In-A-Box" to expose the real Chester. An army of Foodimals arrive and Flint's friends are freed.

Meanwhile, Chester V, knowing that his plan would fail, runs up the stairs and breaks the glass where the FLDSMDFR is being held. Despite, Flint's attempts to make Chester stop, Chester V proceeds to escape anyway, only to be surrounded by Flint and his friends, as well as the Foodimals. Flint demands that Chester V hands over the FLDSMDFR, only for Chester to say he will never do it. Chester V makes his final stand when he spots Barb and tells her to save him, calling her "monkey" once again. Had enough of Chester's treatment, Barb shouts that she is an ape, and snatches the FLDSMDFR out of Chester V's hands, having a change of heart.


Chester loses his balance and falls into the Live Corp Food Bar 8.0 Maker. He spots his holograms and asks them to save him, which they obey. Chester V gloats at Flint and stops when he falls right through his holograms (due to them being projections). His limbs and his head retract into his vest right before he hits the bottom of the grinder. He ricochets erratically between the blades of the machine before he is sling-shot out of the machine.

However, as he attempts to escape, he is immediately grabbed by the Cheespider's special sauce web and pulled into the mouth of the Cheespider, but not before saying his last words: "I saved myself!". The Cheespider spits out Chester V's vest. After a suspenseful moment, it deflates, revealing that Chester V had been eaten alive and killed as well by the Cheespider, finally ending his and not just (presumably) Evil Corp's threat to the Foodimals but also the Live Corp's reigning popularity once and for all.


  • Flint Lockwood - Former Employee, Temporary Ally, and Attempted Victim
  • Sam Sparks - Attempted Victim and Former Ally by Proxy
  • Barb - Former Assistant
  • Manny - Attempted Victim
  • Officer Earl Devereaux - Attempted Victim
  • Brent McHale - Attempted Victim and Former Ally by Proxy
  • Barry
  • Steve - Attempted Victim
  • FLDSMDFR's creatures (Foodimals) - Attempted Victims
  • Cheespider - Killer


Welcome back, science friends. You know I have devoted my life to inventing the future. But every dream has a beginning. I still remember my first invention: the humble Food Bar. Now look at us. Our new Food Bar XL with flavor crystals. Still making people happy after all these years. Now kids, you'll almost certainly never be me. But, remember, there's no such thing as small science. Only small scientists!
~ Chester V in his earlier years, also his first words in the film.
It was never gonna turn off the machine. A BS-USB? Hello. Your machine is what I wanted all along.
~ Chester V revealing his true nature to Flint Lockwood.


  • Chester V is the first villain from the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies to die. He is also one of the four Sony Pictures Animation villains to die, the others being Hunter, PAL and Pockets.
  • Despite being highly intelligent, while falling, Chester asked his holograms to save him, although they are just 3D projections of himself and not solid, which was a foolish idea.
    • Also, despite his evil demeanor, Chester remains a somewhat comedic and over-the-top individual. While this is mostly a front, he moves and acts in an even goofier fashion than the other characters. This lessens his evil side despite his heinous crimes.
  • Chester V is an example of what Flint would have become if he had not realized how friendship is important to him.
    • This serves as a callback to the earlier statement stating that Flint was better off than being alone like Chester, to which Chester replied that he was not alone because he had his holograms and when he asks them to save him, it proves how alone he truly is, thinking 3D projections of himself as actual people rather than just images.
  • Although he is the main antagonist of the second film in the franchise, Chester is slightly eviler than his predecessor, Mayor Shelbourne. This is mainly because unlike Shelbourne, Chester was more threatening to Flint and his friends over the use of the FLDSMDFR, as he attempted to kill Flint's friends. That being said, Chester's actions have less of an impact than the Mayor's actions as while Chester's actions only affected Flint and his group, Shelbourne's actions affected the entire world.
    • Interestingly enough, the Mayor's actions ended up being a catalyst for Chester's actions as if Mayor Shelbourne did not push the FLDSMDFR beyond its limits, Chester never would have tried to use the machine for his own benefit.
    • However, it should be noted that Chester is also the catalyst for the Mayor's actions as it was he who inspired Flint Lockwood into becoming a scientist and invent many gadgets, which led to the the FLDSMDFR. This makes him the main antagonist of the franchise.
  • Chester V breaks the fourth wall when he looks at the audience saying "Oh Fudge". he is the first Sony Animation Pictures Villain to have self-awareness.
  • Chester is also the most cartoony character in the Cloudy movies as his movements are completely exaggerated (him being able to movie his arms in ways that would be considered impossible due to the bones within arms and being able to fit in his orange vest like a turtle) in a setting that is mostly based in reality. The cause of this is probably an incident with science.
  • Chester V may be a reference to Steve Jobs, with his black sweater underneath his orange vest and jeans matching Steve Jobs' most iconic outfit.
    • In addition to this, the "Food Bar" may be a reference to the iPhone, as Chester V releases multiple new versions of it and calls it the "lifeblood of the company."
  • Chester holds the distinction of being one of the few villains in an animated kids movie to use some form of profanity as when he reveals his true colors to Flint, he calls his flashdrive a "BS USB".


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