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He could see Bessa's face floating before him. It wasn't the knife I wanted to put in you, he wanted to tell her. I picked you flowers, wild roses and tansy and goldencups, it took me all morning.
~ Chett's thoughts

Chett is a minor antagonist in A Song of Ice and Fire. He plays a small role in the first two books, and then is the protagonist villain of the prologue chapter in A Storm of Swords



Chett is described as very ugly. He has many boils on his face and a large cyst on his neck.


Chett is bitter and cruel. He hated that no girls liked him when he was young and he turned that resentment against the other members of the Night's Watch, particularly Sam. He had no loyalty to the Night's Watch, and wanted to betray it in order to escape. 

Chett had no respect for women and believed that they owed him sex. Since no woman would sleep with him when he was young, he beliwved he had the right to rape any woman he wanted.


Early Life

Chett was born in Hag's Mire, in the Riverland. He worked with his father, collecting leeches to sell to Maesters. Girls didn't like him because of the many boil son his face. He thought a girl named Bessa might be willing to sleep with him, so he collected flowers for her. However, she refused, so he stabbed her repeatedly. He was arrested and sent to the wall by Walder Rivers.

A Game of Thrones

Chett was a Steward for Maester Aemon. His job was to take care of Aemon's daily needs. However, Jon appealed to Aemon to make Samwell Tarly his Steward. Aemon and Jeor Mormont agreed and Chett was sent to work in the kennels instead. Chett was furious about this change in position, and hated both Jon and Sam. He brought the dogs to investigate two Night's Watch Brothers, who turned into Wights.

A Clash of Kings

Chett was taken on the great rangings along with the dogs. Jon heard Chett and Lark the Sisterman planning a mutiny, but he decided not to report it.

A Storm of Swords

Chett was planning a mutiny along with thirteen other rangers, including Clubfoot Karl and several others. They planned to escape before they fought against Mance Rayder and the Wildlings. His plan was to kill several high ranking members of the Night's Watch, including Jeor Mormont, and then escape. Chett planned on killing Samwell Tarly personally. Chett planned on returning to Craster's cabin, killing him, and raping his daughters/wives. 

Once it stated to snow, Chett realized his plan was doomed, as they woul dbe too easy to track. However, he planned to kill Sam out of spite. He stood over Sam, planning on killing him, when the horn was blown three times, indicating that the The Others weree attacking.

At some point, Chett was killed by the Others and came back as a wight. Chett and several other Wights tried to kill Sam and Gilly, but they were rescued by Coldhands.


While Chett died before the Night's Watch returned to Craster's cabin, many of his conspirators were responsible for the mutiny at Craster's cabin and the murder of Jeor Mormont. As such, Chett is largely responsible for the events that unfolded there.


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