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Cheung Tin-chi is the one of the two main antagonists of Ip Man 3 (Along with Frank), serving as the deuteragonist for half of the movie before serving as the final antagonist of the film. He is also the anti-hero protagonist in the spin-off series Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy. He is a martial arts who wants to prove that his wing chun is better than Ip Man's.


Cheung Tin-chi first appears after he arrives at Ip's house to pick up his son after his son got invited to their home for dinner. Although Cheung interacts cordially with Ip, he secretly envies and seeks to surpass him, participating successfully in underground fights to earn extra money.

That night, when Ip and his students fend off an attack by Ma's men, who attempt to set fire to the school and kidnap the headmaster. Cheung, who happened to be passing by, helps fight off the invaders and rescues the headmaster. Cheung's skills impress Ip, and he thanks Cheung for his help.

Ma later finds Cheung and offers him a large sum of money to get revenge against Tin on his behalf. Desperate to open his own martial arts school, Cheung accepts the offer and is able to put Tin in the hospital. Ip receives a call from the hospital and visits Tin.

Upon learning that his son was also kidnapped, Ip realises it was a set-up by Ma to lure him away from the school, so that his gang could kidnap some of the students, including Ip Ching and Cheung Fung. Cheung arrives and is allowed to leave with his son due to being an associate; but after his son tells him that they still have his friends, he returns and fights alongside Ip. Ip and Cheung are able to hold their own until a troop of policemen led by Fat Po comes to arrest the gang, while Ma flees.

Cheung, with the money he obtained from Ma earlier, opens his martial arts school, and claims that his Wing Chun is genuine while Ip's is not. Cheung proceeds to build his reputation by defeating a number of martial arts masters. Finally, he challenges Ip to a battle that will decide who is the true Grandmaster of Wing Chun. Meanwhile, Ip spends more time with his ailing wife, ashamedly feeling that he had neglected her earlier. Ip refuses to attend the match, instead going out dancing with Wing-sing, instructed by Lee, whom Ip finally accepts as a student. Due to Ip's failure to attend, Cheung is declared the winner, although he seems unsatisfied by Ip's refusal to fight him. Wing-sing, despite being happy about Ip's decision to accompany her, makes an appointment with Cheung for another match on Ip's behalf, as she guesses that Ip would have attended if not for her condition.

Wing-sing accompanies Ip to the fight. After a battle with six and a half point poles, butterfly swords and an empty-handed fight, Ip eventually overpowers Cheung with a one-inch punch. Accepting defeat, Cheung destroys the banner that proclaimed himself to be the Grandmaster. Ip tells him that spending time with their closest ones is more important than competing.


  • He is the second main antagonist to not get seriously injured in a fight with Ip Man. 
    • The first being Frank.
  • He is also the first antagonist to share the same fighting style (Wing Chun) as Ip.


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