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Chewie the Cookie, also called Chewie, is a titular culprit Cookie who steals art from the walls in the Sesame Street special "The Cookie Thief".

He was performed and voiced by Tyler Bunch.


During his criminal mission to steal priceless frames of cookie art, he leaves Cookie crumbs including the chocolate chips to help Elmo and his team figure out who the thief is and who did that. They eventually corner him in his lair (within the walls of the museum), where the cookie art is all kept that he has stolen using a special technique to make holes on the wall for him to hijack.

He claims he loves cookie art so much, he just cannot control himself. The gang teaches him that art is for everyone to enjoy and he can focus his energy better by making his own art. Following an accident with art supplier Grover, he creates his own piece of cookie art - a colorful, splatter impression of himself, which he titles, The Cookie. The piece finds its way into the museum afterward.

Although he is first known to be Chewie for the Star S'mores parody commercial from Cookie's Crumby Pictures Home Entertainment Inc., the Cookie is stated as "Little Cookie" for the special.



  • Chewie is the name of the well-known Star Wars character Chewbacca.
  • Unlike his first 2 appearances including his roles in "The Furchester Hotel" and the trailer for Star S'mores. Cookie Monster didn't attempt to eat Chewie as his desert to eat like he did when he was Chewie and Mr. Crumb.


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