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Chi Chi and Ribbit are the main antagonists in The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Copycats" and Chinese doppelgängers of Gumball and Darwin Watterson.

Chi Chi was voiced by Jacob Hopkins and Ribbit was voiced by Terrell Ransom Jr.


Chi Chi is a cream-colored goat. He has pink cheeks and two tan horns and a bushy tail. Unlike Gumball, he wears red shoes, a tan shirt and brown shorts. He also has the same rounded eyes like Gumball.

Ribbit is a turquoise blue frog. Unlike Darwin, he wears purple shorts and doesn't sport a fin tail like Darwin, and his hands and feet are frog-like. He also has the same rounded eyes like Darwin.


Chi Chi

This goat is attention of the center. He is serious, don’t you trust him? A heavy party-love hero with powerful personality defectives.


This frog is a frog, but why? He is so green and mighty you wouldn’t trust him with lunch. What’s that? Yes, he is determined.


Chi Chi and Ribbit first appeared checking out the exotic food section and started copying everything Gumball and Darwin do. As the Wattersons were driving home they noticed a bunch of doppelgängers, including Chi Chi's parents who copy Nicole and Richard as well.

Gumball checks out their website, The Incredible World of Chi Chi, stars from China, and sees some videos that they were imitating their adventures like the Wattersons did in order to make some money, which is unlawful. The whole Watterson family storms out of the house to confront their doppelgängers. The family fights their doppelgängers (except Anais, who has no doppelgänger of herself). Despite trying to drive their doppelgängers away, Chi Chi and the other doppelgängers continue to copy everything the Watterson family does. Now fed up, the Wattersons drive a truck with a leaking gas container with a trail of fire following them towards an unfinished bridge. Anais was able to unhook the gas container just before it exploded, and Nicole was able to stop the truck inches from the bridge.

The Wattersons survive, and the doppelgängers' truck comes right at them, and since they don’t have a doppelgänger sister, Chi Chi, Ribbit, and their parents came plunging off the bridge and into the ditch below. Their gas tank explodes, though they manage to barely survive. Since they were left too traumatized to be on the internet anymore, there was no trace of their website. It is unknown what had happened to them afterwards.



  • They are based on Kiki and Gua Gua - characters from Gumball's Chinese rip-off Miracle Star.


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