Welcome to my happy fun rainbow land! Let's start with something simple.
~ Chica's Magic rainbow's introduction.
Ha ha! Surprised? Yeah, did you really think I'd let a moron like you reach the end of the game? Pshaw! You stupid idiotic moron. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a few minutes to charge my rainbow cannon. Yeah. After that, it'll be game over. So sit back and prepare to get rekt!
~ The Rainbow's battle introduction.

Chica's Magic Rainbow is the main antagonist and final boss of FNAF World Update 2. They are a mean, bullying rainbow who insults the player in their minigame, and will give them a game over if they lose too many times. Later, when fighting PurpleGeist, they will crush it and reveal themselves as the true final boss.

They are voiced by Debi Derryberry.


As their name implies, Chica's Magic Rainbow is a rainbow with two eyes and a mouth with buck teeth, that arches from two white clouds. They only have 3 colors, though, those being Pink, Yellow, and Blue respectively.


Chica's Magic Rainbow first appears in the sky of their minigame as the narrator, watching the player wherever they go. They start off as friendly, cheering the player to keep going. However, after seven deaths, they start to get bitter, insulting the player for dying and, after a certain number of deaths, will try to kill the player themselves. They will also interfere with the game to try to make the player lose, shooting lasers and homing eyes at them. When the player beats the minigame, they can be seen with an annoyed expression on their face.

Later on, when the player gets to PurpleGeist, Chica's Magic Rainbow will crush them and appear as the true final boss. After crushing PurpleGeist, they will mock the player for thinking they would let them beat the game, calling them a "stupid idiotic moron". They then will begin to charge their Rainbow Cannon attack, sending out Mini Rainbows to take out the player's party. If the player lets them charge their attack, then they will receive a game over. If the rainbow is defeated, they will insult the player, calling them a cheater and threatening them that the next time they see a rainbow, that rainbow is Chica's Magic Rainbow themselves, coming to the player's house. They will then explode and disappear.


Ohhhh really, it's like that? Voices OFF, you say? Well, now you've really p***ed me off!
~ The Magic Rainbow If the player clicks the X on the Voices box.


Oops! Ha! Simple for most people, I guess.
I have faith in you!
You can do it!
Come o-o-oooon! You can do it!
Aww! Don't give up!
You'll get it eventually.
Is this your first time to play a video game?
Excuse me, is this your first time playing a video game?
But really, they don't pay me by the hour, so, uh..
Keep up the good work, spooort!
Awwww! It's so cute when kids try to play games!
Wow! What a moron.
You suck!
Ha ha! You suck.
You still suck!
Awww, I'm laughing at you, not with you.
Um, learn to play?
Baaaack to school!
Noobie Boobie Noobie!!
Ha! Poser!
Get some skills and call me in the morning.
Ha ha ha... pathetic.
So sad it's hilarious.
I'm losing patience with you!
This is your last chance!

Battle Dialogue

Just 2 minutes left, then my rainbow cannon will be ready!
1 minute left, you stupid idiot!
Prepare for rainbow overload!
You cheated! Besides, didn't your mommy ever tell you that you can't kill a rainbow?! The next time you see a rainbow in the sky that is me, comin' to your houuusssseee....
~ Post-Battle dialogue.



  • Chica's Magic Rainbow is similar to Flowey from Undertale. They both act friendly towards the player before revealing their sinister, insulting selves. They also both look like harmless, joyful objects (A flower and a rainbow) with 2 eyes and a mouth. They are both the final boss of a certain ending after killing the false finale boss (PurpleGeist for Rainbow, Asgore for Flowey). Also, the code for Chica's Magic Rainbow's mini-game uses code from Mr. Chipper and Scott Cawthon, much like how Flowey uses all the monsters in the underground and the 6 human souls to achieve his boss form.
  • Originally, after exploding, Chica's Magic Rainbow would then call the player a 'dumbass'. This was removed in an update.
  • The Rainbow Cannon shares the same colors as the Rainbow: Pink, Yellow, and Blue.


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