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Chicago Crime Syndicate is the villainous organization in the 1992 arcade game Lethal Enforcers and its console spin offs.


One day, Chicago police officer Don Marshall visits a doughnut shop to take a break from his duties. While sipping the last drop of his coffee, he receives a call from the Chicago Police Department. They inform Don that the city is being overrun by a major crime syndicate. They also inform him that he is one of two police officers who still remain. (The other police officer is an unnamed female. She will accompany Don if a second player joins the game.) Every other officer was either hospitalized or killed. Once the calls ends, Don leaves the doughnut shop and drives away in his police car. From this point onward, he is going to experience the toughest job during his history in the Chicago Police Force.

Crime Spree

Bank Robbery

Don's first stop is at a local bank which is being robbed by criminals wearing sock masks. Don is forced to shoot the robbers while avoiding the bank's employees. Some of the employees are held at gunpoint by the robbers.

Half of the robbers are stopped but the remainder escape into an alley located right behind the bank.

Destruction of China Town


Airplane Hijacking


Drug Dealing


Chemical Plant Takeover

Don traces the Chicago Crime Syndicate to their headquarters which is at an abandoned power plant.



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