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Chicago South Club is a major antagonistic faction featured in videogame Watch Dogs, they were the main antagonists in the second act of the game.

It is a powerful and wealthy crime syndicate consists of Irish-American mobsters, they were led by Dermot Quinn, the crime boss who would later rose to power in Chicago.



In the aftermath of St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1920s, a small group of Irish mob bosses allied with gang leader Bugs Moran, they met at a gang bar to discuss the situation and ended up signing an agreement to pool their resources into a new outfit to regain control of the city. This new collaboration was named the Chicago South Club after the bar where it was founded.

In its early years, the Club faced stiff competition from the entrenched Chicago Outfit headed by Al Capone, who had ordered the massacre that killed off the Club's predecessor. Fearful of the Club's growing power, Capone organized a hit on two dozen of its members while they met in a park, killing them all except for a thug named Dermot Quinn, who survived with only a grazed ear.

In time, however, the Club avoided the fate of its rivals by strengthening its ties with Chicago's Irish community and expanding beyond smuggling and bootlegging to more lucrative operations. It eventually absorbed the remains of the Chicago Outfit, becoming the most powerful criminal group in Chicago for several generations.

By 2013, it had fallen under the now elderly Quinn's control, who made the Club even more relevant by pushing it into both human trafficking and cybercrime activities, modern crimes that would ensure the Club's survival. Quinn also made an alliance with Black Viceroys leader Iraq, which made the association the most powerful crime syndicate in Chicago. Thanks to corrupt ties with Mayor Rushmore, the Chicago Police, and many city personalities, the Club rules all over the town.

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