The Chick Hicks Racing Academy are the main antagonists of the 2009 Disney/Pixar video game Cars: Race O Rama. They are a group of racing academy students who learn from Chick Hicks, plus they are all painted green, just like him.

They were voiced by Mark Silverman and Josh Robert Thompson.


In Cars Race-O-Rama, they first appear in Sprint 1 in the cut-scenes and end-scenes. In the end-scene, they crashed some cars from the Doc Hudson Racing Academy and they confront Lightning along with their teacher Chick Hicks and their other friends Candice, Stinger, and El Machismo about how the Chick Hicks Racing Academy will be the popular school and win the Race O Rama trophy and put the Doc Hudson Racing Academy out of business.

They then go to Autovia, they go into the Motor Co. factory, and turn themselves into VINs.

Eventually they are all defeated in the end by Lightning and the Doc Hudson Racing Academy, including Chick Hicks himself, but Candice, Stinger, and El Machismo reform and join the Doc Hudson Racing Academy.



  • All four students are playable in the game, except on PlayStation 2, where the player can only play as the first one.


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