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I applaud you on your efforts to banish me, but by now you've become painfully aware how useless that was. You see, boy, there's a natural pecking order in life. Some of us are meant for grandeur while others, like yourself, flail tragically through life, amounting to nothing.
~ Chief Banks to Sam Burke in the comic series.
I should have put a bullet in your head like I did your partner.
~ Chief Banks' last words, before meeting his own demise in the HBO series.

Chief Louis Banks is a recurring antagonist in the Spawn Comics. He was the chief of the New York City Police Department and worked out of the 29th precinct with Sam Burke and Twitch Williams. But in reality, he was a dirty cop who's on the take from Jason Wynn. Doing his bidding by covering up missing weapons, people and bodies.


Banks first appeared in Spawn #29 as the chief of the police but was really a corrupt official working under Jason Wynn. Chief of the New York State Police Department. He is the direct superior to detective Sam Burke and detective Twitch Williams. As the series evolves, it becomes apparent that Chief Tim Louis Banks has his hands in the dirt, and has been involved in many criminal doings. This is all made apparent by the file that was provided to Detective Sam Burke by Spawn.

Banks fires both Sam and Twitch after waiting an period of time to make it not look like he was trying to fire them for the charges against him. However, Wynn plans was falling in motion around Banks. Instead of saving him, Wynn puts the blame on Banks and cuts all ties with him. As Internal Affairs are taking away Banks, he locks his door hiding in his room and takes his pistol and blows his brains out, killing him in the process.

In Other Media

Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Main article: Chief Banks (HBO Series)

Chief Banks appeared as a major antagonist in the HBO TV series. He serves as a minor antagonist in the second season and the secondary antagonist in the third season. He was voiced by Victor Brandt.

In the HBO series, he was the one who shot Twitch Williams and hired a nurse to kill him. He was in league with Jason Wynn and the two detectives Sam and Twitch caught him. When Twitch and Sam confronted Banks with evidence recording of him saying "I should have put a bullet in your head like I did your partner.". Sam gives him option: give himself up and his family see all the deeds he done or take his own life. Banks look and picks up his pistol puts it in his mouth, pulling the trigger and ended his life, splattering his brains all over a train car window.



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