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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Chief Banks from the HBO series. The mainstream version can be found here: Chief Banks.

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I should have put a bullet in your head like I did to your partner.
~ Chef Banks in his last moments.

Chief Louis Banks is a major antagonist in the 1997 HBO Series Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn. He is the corrupt chief of the New York City Police Department and worked under Jason Wynn.

He is a minor antagonist in the second season and the secondary antagonist in the third and final season of the series.

He was voiced by Victor Brandt.


Early life

Little is known about Banks' background, he a married man with three children and became one of the Wynn's pawns, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Season 2

Wynn monitors Terry and orders Merrick to send Leon and the Russian hillbilly to kill Terry. Later, Wynn gets a call from Chief Banks that he's been picked up. Wynn agrees to come to pick him up and ends the call.

While talking with Merrick about the fallout from the recent attack, Wynn gets a call from Chief Banks that he pulled Wanda in for questioning. He orders Banks to release Wanda and continue his search for Terry.

At Central Intelligence Agency, Wynn calls Chief Banks about failing to kill Twitch. Banks informs Wynn that Spawn told Twitch about the latter. Trying to call the vice president, Wynn gets a call from Clown informing about Terry and Richard Sullivan's meeting, the vice-chairman of the NSC, who's been trying to catch Wynn. When his secretary Jude informs Wynn about Chief Banks trying to call him and the New York Times wanting a statement from him, Wynn orders her to have a car waiting for him.

Season 3

Wynn calls Chief Banks about one of his officers, Twitch Williams wrote a report about the cop that was killed in the alleys, describing the dying man's last words "red cloak". Wynn orders Banks to find the man in the red cloak.

While practicing at the shooting range, Banks meets Sam and Twitch and orders them to find the man in the red cloak that was said by the dying cop. Wynn calls and tells Banks one of his officers hacked in the agencies' files and questions him. Banks denies this and said the one capable of this was Twitch, who investigating the killings in the alleys. Driven orders to get information and kill Twitch, Banks grabs his gun and hesitates about killing Twitch.

After talking to the man in the red cloak, Twitch brings Sam and Banks to the alleys and told them about his confrontation with Spawn. After Sam splits up from the group to search around the alleys, Banks takes the opportunity to shoot Twitch in the head. A few seconds later, Sam finds Twitch laying on the ground and is told by Banks about what happened. Believing it was Spawn, Sam becomes outraged and searches for the man in the red cloak, but fails after being swamped by bats.

Banks check Twitch at the hospital and gives a golden badge for his for he's done for the city. Before leaving, Banks talks to the nurse that Wynn would call about being concerned about Twitch. However, the nurse was told to kill Twitch by giving him an epinephrine overdose, but fails once Sam gets a call about another murder in the alleys.

Sam is called in by Banks about the police department being investigated by the NSC and about one of his cops on Wynn's payroll. Banks try to accuse Twitch of being the culprit, but Sam denies this and angrily walks out of the office.

Remembering it was Banks that shot him, Twitch and Sam confronted Banks with evidence recording of him saying "I should have put a bullet in your head like I did your partner.". Sam gives him an option: give himself up and his family sees all the deeds he has done or takes his own life. Banks look and pick up his pistol puts it in his mouth, pulling the trigger and ended his life, splattering his brains all over a train car window.



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