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Chief Cicatriz (Scar) is the main antagonist of the 1956 western film, The Searchers.

He was portrayed by the late Henry Brandon.


Cicatriz (Scar) and his tribe take cattle from Ethan's neighbor, Lars Jorgensen, as ploy to draw them away from their fam. Cicatriz (Scar) and his tribe then burn their home and slaughter Aaron, Martha, and Ben, who are apart of Ethan's fam. Then Cicatriz (Scar) and his tribe kidnap Debbie and Lucy.

Later Cicatriz (Scar) and his tribe attack Ethan and the other heroes after they leave the deserted Comanche camp. Ethan and the other good characters manage to fight off Chief Cicatriz (Scar) and the other villains attack the rangers are left with barely enough guys to battle the bad guys. Then Ethan and the other good guys find Lucy raped and killed in a canyon close to the Comanche camp and then Brad, a good guy, rides into the Indian camp and is killed. Ethan and the other heroes learn from Futterman, a bad trader, who Chief Cicatriz (Scar) is and that he's the leader of the Nawyecka band of Comanches and that he and his tribe have kidnapped Debbie.

Years later, Ethan and Martin, a hero, discover a part of Cicatriz's tribe are destroyed by soldiers. Then after five years, Ethan and Martin go to a military fort and then to New Mexico and hunt Debbie down, who is now an teenager and one of Cicatriz Scar's lovers and says she doesn't want to go and wants to continue to live with the bad guys and bad girls. Ethan and Martin then meet Cicatriz (Scar) one on one and he speaks pretty decent english as well. Cicatriz and his tribe then attack Ethan and Martin, who escape.

Then later Ethan and Martin hunt Cicatriz (Scar) down again at the Comanche camp and engage in a battle and during the fight, Martin kills Cicatriz (Scar) and then Ethan scalps the dead indian.