Chief Couper is a minor antagonist of the 2016 movie The Purge: Election Year.

He was portrayed by Ethan Phillips.


When Leo orders her home locked down and surrounded by security, accompanied by Chief Couper and Eric Busmalis. Since this could be the very last Purge, it attracts many international citizens to participate, thus possibly making it the most dangerous Purge to date. Barnes and Senator Roan wait out the Purge in her home, well guarded and protected by security forces. However, they are betrayed by Chief Couper and Eric, who signals to a paramilitary force that covertly wipes out the security forces. Barnes is able to see the attack in progress and escorts the Senator to safety, but is wounded in the process. He detonates a bomb in the house, killing Eric and Chief Couper as well as several paramilitary operators.


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