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Hiro Hamada: Why do you hate Bigh Hero 6 so much?
Chief Cruz: Ya ever heard of guy named Boss Awesome?
Hiro Hamada: Sounds of kinda familiar. He was... A superhero, right?
Chief Cruz: I was a kid when Boss Awesome first showed up in the city. And so did the bunch of bad guys all wanted to be. One night, on the way home from a movie, my dad and I got in the way of a super-villain. My dad saved me but he paid the ultimate price. Boss Awesome showed up too late. I lost everything.
~ Chief Cruz to Hiro about his past, also the reason why he resents superheroes so much.

Killer of Chief Cruz' Father is a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Disney XD animated TV series Big Hero 6: The Series. He's a supervillain who attacked and murdered Diego's father and who's indirectly responsible for Chief Diego Cruz hating the superheroes.


He appeared right with other villains like Baron von Steamer and Supersonic Sue to fight a vigilante known as Boss Awesome (who later became Fred's father).

On one fateful night, while Diego and his father were coming back home from a movie they were attacked by him. Diego's father sacrificed himself to protect son but got killed during the process. Boss Awesome arrived just in time to save Diego and put the criminal behind the bars.

Although he was defeated, his actions had left future Chief traumatized to the point of hating superheroes. This also caused him to move away from San Fransokyo (possibly for his own safety), leaving his friend Cass behind.

It is actually unknown what happened to this super-villain after all this but it is presumed he's either alive but in hiding or died somewhere before the events of Big Hero 6: The Series.


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