Let's get down to business. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Cogs, known to my workplace associates in Bossbot HQ as The C.E.O. It's been brought to my attention that you Toons have conjured up some infernal combination of fun known as "The Toontown v2.0.0 Update." Us Cogs have our own form of V2.0, you know...
~ Chief Executive Officer
Hrrrmmpph. When I need a job done right... I'll do it myself.
~ Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (commonly known as CEO) is one of the four bosses of the hit game Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten. He is the leader of the Bossbots.


During the battle with CEO you have two methods of attacking the CEO Golfing or Squirting.

Many Toons prefer to squirt due to the fact that squirt damages the CEO while golfing only slows him down. Use The Squirt to attack the CEO. The CEO has many types of attacks His Common attack is swinging golf balls at you. Another attack that the CEO has is a common attack that the VP And The CFO Use is throwing gears at the player.

Finally, the CEO's Most powerful attack is his FORE move The CEO will yell fore launching Golf balls all around the area hurting any toons that dare get hit. After a while, the CEO will get more powerful as the round goes on doubling his attack damage and destroying the two Food conveyors. Once the CEO is defeated he will get demoted to a flunky.