Ah-HAH! I thought I smelled something a little Toony in here! Imposters!
~ Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (commonly known as CFO) is one of the four bosses of the hit game Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten. He is the leader of the Cashbots.


During the CFO battle toons have two jobs stomping on goons or craning as a craner is the most important role your job is to grab goons and safes at the CFO Damaging him until he gives up.

As a stomper your job is to protect the creaners form the goons that the CFO sends out. The CFO has many types of attacks his notable attack is throwing gears at the player like the CEO and the VP.

Another attack he does is if a toon steps to close to the CFO the CFO will lower down and slap the toon for 5 damage. At the end of the fight, the CFO will try to escape out the door but gets run over by the train Killing him instantly.



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