I may be blind... But Justice is NOT!
~ Chief Justice

The Chief Justice (commonly known as CJ) is one of the four bosses Of the hit games Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten. He is the leader of the Lawbots.




Before the main battle toons need to set toons on the jury before the cogs do toons like to wait until 24 seconds to fire. After the setting of the jury is finished the main battle begins.

There are two jobs that need to be performed one job is to stun the prosecuting cogs. If you Stun all of the cogs in one all of the toons will get a ten laff toonup and all of the evidence will be heaver. making it easier to win for 10 seconds. The Other and most important job is to throw the evidence into the scale.

The CJ has one attack the CJ will sound a claxon before he jumps in the air damaging all toons for 10 laff if they don't jump. But on the filed there are gavels that will damage you if you hit them and the prosecuting cogs will throw evidence at you to.

Once the toons side of the scale hits the bottom The CJ will be defeated and he will retreat into his chambers. On The Other hand if the CJ wins the fight he will sentence all of the toons to go sad.