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Well, if it isn't Mousekewitz, king of the troublemakers. I've been looking forward to this.
~ McBrusque taunting Papa Mousekewitz.

Chief McBrusque is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Scuttlebutt) in the 1998 direct-to-video animated film An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island.

He is the overweight and sadistic chief of the New York police department who works for Mr. Grasping, Toplofty and O'Bloat. He also serves as the main threat to Fievel and his friends.

He was voiced by Sherman Howard, who also played Van Pelt in Jumanji: The Animated Series and Derek Powers in Batman Beyond.


McBrusque is intimidating, angry, violent, abusive and cruel. However, he follows the orders he is given without question from his superiors. He is a chief of the police mice who uses brute force to order his men to do his bidding. He also hates failing his duties. This was shown when Mr. Grasping rebukes him for failing to capture Cholena during the sentencing of Dr. Dithering. McBrusque angrily walks away and carries out his orders to execute Dithering. He also enjoys causing harm to others; outright saying that he can tell that he only just met Scuttlebutt because he didn't have any broken bones.

He is also oblivious as he ignores Scuttlebutt's warnings and continues to carry on with his mission, but he and his minions ran into the traps set by the ancestors of the Lenape mice long ago. After his defeat, McBrusque becomes so vengeful that he and Scuttlebutt returned to finish off the heroes, not realizing that they are lighting up the gunpowder to explode the wall that separates the underground river and he and Scuttlebutt meet their watery doom. 

McBrusque shows no regard for others and abuses one of the factory workers in one scene halfway through the film by hitting him (a male worker) with his baton. He keeps them in line with his intimidation; motivating them by attacking them and through fear. He shows little tolerance for cowardy behavior as he becomes outraged when his men abandon him and Scuttlebutt late into the movie. He also has no problem with killing children as shown when he nearly burned Fievel alive and was likely planing on killing his friends afterwards.

The above also shows that he isn't as loyal to his superiors as he appears. While the factory owners did know that their order to wipe out the Natives would include killing children, they never directed McBrusque to kill Fievel. This proves that McBrusque, while not the smartest upholder of the law, is more than willing to murder children for no reason other than getting in his way even if it means risking his life while doing so.


In the movie, McBrusque is the chief of the police mice, he is a tall and fat rat and the tallest and fattest of all the police mice. He is usually accompanied by other police mice, who are smaller and skinner than him (the size and weight vary).

McBrusque works for the three factory owners (Mr. Grasping, Toplofty and O'Bloat), who pay him a bribe to keep other mice under control. On one occasion, when mice were on strike, McBrusque and one of his men beat up one small glass wearing mouse that started to strike (the scene of brutality was censored by shadow play).

When the factory owners discovered Cholena the Indian girl, they formed an angry mob. McBrusque and his men helped the angry mob get their revenge on Dr. Dithering and the factory owners sentenced the poor doctor to death, that the police tried to carry out, but Tiger saves him and Papa Mousekewitz stopped them.

McBrusque and his men then got an assignment to go underground to the Indian village, kill all the Indian mice and steal their treasure. Luckily, Fievel helped the Indians to defend themselves and fight off the police. The police flee as McBrusque shouts at them for their cowardice.

While McBrusque's police mice escaped and headed for home, McBrusque and Scuttlebutt returned for round two. McBrusque taunts Fievel with a torch and threatens to burn him alive, only to be defeated by Fievel as he bites McBrusque in the arm and jumps on his foot. Fievel grabs the torch and throws it at the gunpowder, causing an explosion and the tunnel to be sealed. McBrusque and Scuttlebutt try to escape, but they're too late as he and Scuttlebutt fall in the river and down to their watery grave.


  • McBrusque represents corrupt police officers from the end of the XIX century in the USA, that was responsible for causing problems to workers of that time.
  • He and Scuttlebutt are the only villains in the American Tail series to die.
  • Despite being a secondary antagonist, Chief McBrusque is one of the evilest villains in the American Tail film series (alongside his superiors and Warren T. Rat from the first film) because of his cruelty to the workers and others, even threatening to burn Fievel with his torch during their final confrontation. He is also shown to be more dangerous than the main antagonist, Mr. Grasping.


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