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Chief Monroe's plague as seen in Saints Row 2.

Chief Richard Monroe is a character in the videogame Saints Row, and the secondary antagonist of the Epilogue missions.


Saints Row

Chief Monroe can be heard on the radio at the start of the game commenting on the gang problem plaguing the city of Stilwater.

After the defeat of the 3 original gangs and the rise of the 3rd Street Saints, Monroe has their leader Julius Little arrested and blackmails Julius' second-in-command The Protagonist to kill the mayor. The player is forced to carry out the mission, however Monroe goes back on his word and refuses to release Julius unless the Saints do some more "community service". Having enough of Monroe's threats, The Protagonist, Johnny Gat and Dexter Jackson assassinate him during the mayor's funeral by blowing up his squad car.

It turns out that Monroe was working for the game's true main antagonist Richard Hughes, a mayoral candidate. With the death of the mayor, he was now able to take his place and with public support redevelop the Saint's Row district. Richard is however killed in a boat explosion set by Julius, putting The Protagonist in a 5 year coma.

Saints Row 2

A memorial plague for Chief Monroe can be seen in the Stilwater Police Department station, revealing his year of death occurring in 2008 and that he began his service as an officer in 1985.


  • Chief Monroe isn't seen during Saints Row, only through voice appearances. His photograph is seen however in Saints Row 2.
  • He has two separate voice actors in Saints Row. The first voice appears a lot older, yet the second time he calls the player he sounds younger. The reason for this change is unclear.


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