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The Chief Petty Officer was one of Daelin Proudmoore's most trusted officers and an antagonist in the Warcraft  The Officer was a powerful paladin in the service of the Kul Tiras.

People of Kul Tiras came on the island and made a settlement. As a result, they drove further inland. In the meantime, the single-handed murmur became feverish, chased by the dark Sea Witch who lived in the ocean and offered sacrifices. With the help of Captain Misham Waycrest they devoted their entire effort to the destruction of Murloc which is threatening the coastline, ship of the Great Nation of Kul Tiras. After the invasion of the Scourge on Lordaeron, the Chief Petty Officer and Admiral Proudmoore led their forces to Kalimdor to search for his daughter Jaina. While searching for her, they destroy Horde settlements so they don't become powerful and gain new land. The Chief Petty Officer joined Admiral Proudmoore's genocide crusade against the orcs after they arrived on Kalimdor. The Admiral found Jaina and was happy to see her only to find allies of the Horde with her. Not listening to Jaina's pleas, Daelin usurped her fortress Theramore and ordered his men to arrest them all.

The Horde launched an attack on Theramore and invaded the fortress, the base of Proudmoore's army. The Officer was killed trying to defend Admiral Proudmoore. The Admiral died shortly after.

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