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Chief Scalpem is the sixth boss from Sunset Riders.


Chief Scalpem is the second henchman of Sir Richard Rose and the chieftain of a native tribe. He works for Richard to protect his tribesman. This doesn't prevent him from being marked as an outlaw worth a bounty of $60,000.

Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano find Scalpem at his reserve. They fight him in a four-on-one battle. Ultimately, Scalpem is defeated but his sister rushes to his aid. She pledges mercy which the bounty hunters grant.

The battle against Scalpem is very difficult. Scalpem will constantly jump around the area. He can use his knifes to block the player's bullets before tossing them back as an offense. If the player is close to Scalpem, they will be slashed by his knifes.


  • Scalpem is the only boss to be spared.
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