Chieftain Zul'Marosh
Chieftain Zul'Marrosh is the chief of the Amani Tribe in Eversong Woods. He is also a follower of Zul'jin and was sent along with Tregla and Spearcrafter Otembe to conquer Eversong Woods. Zul'Marrosh leds his forces from his two-story house in Zeb'Watha.

At one point, Zul'Marrosh captured a Darkspear Troll named Ven'jashi and burned his village. He later poisoned Ven'jashi and left him to die in a cage. Zul'Marrosh was planning to engage the plan to conquer Eversong Woods by pinning down the elves at Farstrider Retreat while trying to plan an attack on Fairbreeze Village. However, an adventurer from the Horde killed Zul'Marrosh and brought his head to Ven'jashi. The adventurer foiled Zul'Marrosh's plan.

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