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The Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps, or known simply as the Chiester Sisters, are a group of villainesses from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. They are furniture bunny girls that can be summoned by ones with substantial summoning skill. Their main weapon is a bow of light that shoots golden arrows which can kill any target they choose instantly, the only exceptions being Battler Ushiromiya or the Territory Lord. Dlanor A. Knox implies that she has begun investigating them and that their vessels are the weapons used in crime which are the four Winchester guns. One of these four guns is defective and shoots low, namely, Chiester 556's vessel. In Twilight of the Golden Witch, it is confirmed that their original vessels were Maria's ceramic bunnies, one of which was destroyed by Rosa Ushiromiya.

"The Chiesters are bunny-girl servants summoned by EVA Beatrice. It is said that there is no escape from the Siestas' attacks, and they can even locate and bring back a corpse. They have red eyes, bunny ears, and elaborate military-styled outfits. It is hinted that they are connected to Maria's three (originally four) rabbit toys."


Powers and Abilities

  • Summonable Weapon: With Pendragon's permission, the Chiester Sisters can take the role of furniture for their master, much like the Seven Sisters of Purgatory. They will follow any and all orders without question. However unlike the Seven Sisters, the Chiesters are considerably harder to summon, so much so that even Beatrice opted to not enter a contract with them due to their strength. The only magic users shown to be a able to summon them are those much more powerful at summoning than Beatrice, such as Goldsmith or EVA Beatrice.
  • Mythical Golden Bow: The Chiesters are able to summon a golden bow of light whenever they desire. It can be loaded with different types of arrows. The arrows themselves are able to pierce through any physical or magical defenses, going through walls and barriers, and killing humans without any effort. Only beings with a magical resistance of over 8 digits are immune to the Chiesters' mythical class bows. Though the bow usually is only used when precision sniping is necessary. As the Chiesters' can fire them out of their arms as well.
  • Unhuman Strength: The Chiesters' strength are well beyond any humans'. 410 was able to easily block a chair swing from Kyrie with one hand. 00 was able to hold Krauss above the ground with one arm, choking him.

Real World

Outside of the magic world, the Chiesters' true form are that of 4 sawed off rifles owned by Kinzo. They are normal murder weapons and have no magical properties. Their original vessels are 4 of Maria's ceramic toy bunnies.

In the real world, the Chiester Sisters have no powers. In fact, their existence is entirely dependant on the belief of others. And they can only be seen by those with strong imaginations.


  • The Chiester Sisters are revealed to be a large force in Dawn of the Golden Witch. Chiester 410 names two others, Chiester 127 and Chiester 20. Chiester 127 is said to be able to pulverize a human target at 2 kilometers, while Chiester 20 has a fire rate of 6,000 rounds per minute. Since all the other Chiester sisters are named after gun rounds, Chiester 127 most likely references to the 5-inch deck gun which has a 127mm wide shell and a range of well over 2 km. Chiester 20 likely references to the M61 Vulcan Gatling Gun which fires a 20mm round and also has a fire rate of 6,000 rounds per minute.
  • Even though their firing codes are written in Greek, the banners they have on their left arm resemble the flag for Iceland.
  • The name Chiester is a corruption of the word Winchester, a series of guns that Kinzo Ushiromiya is shown to own.

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