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The moment I was born, they surgically modified my insides so he'd have an easier time "playing" with me. I was a sex slave from age 0... And every year I got a new scar as a birthday present. The more I fought, the more he got off. Trapped beneath the stinking assholes that were his nostrils, I'd hear him whisper, "How about I lop of your head and stick it down to your neck?" I said. "I wish you would," and he squealed like a laughing baby, stopping only to say, "That's My Daughter."
~ Mukuro recounting her horrific experience with Chikou.

Chikou is a posthumous antagonist in the shonen manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho. The father of Mukuro, it is soon revealed that he is a hedonistic slaver of her so that he could use her for satisfying his unsavory desires. Despite only appearing in one chapter (Chapter 172), Chikou is one of the most depraved villains in the manga due to his horrific actions he inflicted towards Mukuro that lingers until this day.


Chikou can be described as a tall yet overweight man with a balding hair and a mustache. Most of the time however, he spend his time naked due to his attempt at satisfying his lust by having sex with other women. In one of the manga panels, it is shown that Chikou also wears a shirt and a sleeveless coat. While he doesn't appear in the anime proper, he makes an appearance in the OVA where he is portrayed as a man with a green skin.


After Mukuro was born, Chikou then then surgically modified her body from the inside out with cybernetics in order to make Mukuro his obedient sex slave. According to Mukuro, it is soon revealed that Chikou repeatedly raped her everytime she reaches her birthday to the point she got a scar as a present just for her. This resulted on Mukuro poured an acid over her head when she was 7 years old in order to make herself unattractive so that Chikou would throw her away.

Despite the story reaches the present day, Mukuro still has a lingering trauma everytime she remembers Chikou. It was also revealed that everytime she tried to kill Chikou or think negatively about him, she ended up reminiscing about the good times she had with Chikou which is revealed to be false memories that were implanted by him.

During the present day, Chikou makes his last appearance as Hiei storms Chikou castle where the latter tried to order his servant bringing him some good women to have sex and punishes him by bounding him to a plant which would constantly heal him until his neck was cut off. As a birthday present, Hiei told Mukuro that she could do whatever she wish to Chikou by torturing him until she got bored at the end of the day while Chikou himself begs for mercy.

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