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We are the Children of Arkham, and we have opened your eyes!
~ Lady Arkham after the attack at the mayoral debate in the Wayne Memorial Auditorium.

The Children of Arkham are the main antagonistic faction of Season One of the 2016 Telltale video game Batman: The Telltale Series, appearing as the unseen overarching antagonistic faction of Episode One: Realm of Shadows, as the titular main antagonistic faction of Episode Two: Children of Arkham, as the main antagonistic faction of Episode Three: New World Order, as the secondary antagonistic faction of Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham, and either as one of the two main antagonistic factions (alongside Two-Face's Enforcer Squad) or the sole main antagonistic faction of Episode Five: City of Light. They are also a posthumous antagonistic faction in the game's 2017 sequel Season Two: The Enemy Within.


Episode One: Realm of Shadows


Episode Two: Children of Arkham

The Children of Arkham attack the mayoral debate between Mayor Hamilton Hill and District Attorney Harvey Dent. After terminating the G.C.P.D. officers behind the scene, the Children, led by Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, storm the stage. Penguin shoots the moderator in the head. While his soldiers guard the hostages, Penguin continues the show on stage, forcing the people in the audience to continue the debate as to if nothing had happened. After a moment, Penguin grabbed the camera to play a tape containing a message of "his sponsor". The tape contains video footage of a masked person who tells the citizens of Gotham not to be afraid, as the Children of Arkham have come to cleanse the city of corruption. Batman realizes that there is a higher power behind Penguin.

While Penguin is on the stage, Batman and Catwoman take down the Children who are guarding the hostages backstage. After the hostages are freed, the event is stormed by the G.C.P.D. The policemen overpower most of the Children, but Penguin kills Mayor Hill, and if Catwoman was saved, severely injures Harvey. In the aftermath, many members of the Children of Arkham are arrested by the authorities, but Penguin escapes and remains at large. The group's leader sends another message, this time claiming that the Children of Arkham have opened the people's eyes.

Episode Three: New World Order


Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham


Episode Five: City of Light



  • Episode One: Realm of Shadows (appears).
  • Episode Two: Children of Arkham (appears).
  • Episode Three: New World Order (appears).
  • Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham (appears).
  • Episode Five: City of Light (appears).



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