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Welcome, brother or sister. Welcome to the paradise of knowledge.
One life.
One family.
United as Children of God.
~ The Children of God.

The Children of God are an antagonistic force in the SCP mythos. They are a cult of people infected by SCP-2440 who worship the Old God Xiolt-la, although they are hostile towards the other Old Gods, seeing their worshippers as "false believers". Their current aim is to summon Xiolt-la from his prison so that he can cleanse the Earth of heretics and they can ascend to his side.


The Children of God were formed some time prior to the SCP Foundation when a group of people were infected by the memetic phenomenon known as SCP-2440, causing them to make contact with Xiolt-la, who claimed to be the one benevolent god. They discovered he had been sealed away after a battle with his evil brother Ma'tol and began to look for ways to release him so he could cleanse the world of the nonbelievers.

To this end the Children chose to use SCP-2440 to make more people aware of Xiolt-la so they too would fall under his spell. The Foundation discovered their existence while investigating SCP-2440. They also made contact with Xiolt-la, and realized that he intended to end the world and raise up his followers by his side. The Foundation has enacted a capture on sight policy towards members of the group, and is attempting to destroy all literature relating to the group in order to prevent the spread of SCP-2440.

Attempt to resurrect Xiolt-la

At one point, the Children of God were able to infect over 1,000,000 people with SCP-2440, giving Xiolt-la the ability to manifest outside of a host. This allowed him to come forth into the world and destroy all in his path. The Foundation attempted to attack the Children's compound, but their forces were destroyed by Xiolt-la.

Fortunately the Foundation were able to launch an air assault during which firebombs were rained down on the compound for two days. Severely weakened, Xiolt-la was unable to survive the assault and his earthly form was destroyed. The majority of the Children were also killed, although a few of them, including the leader, survived by hiding in the basement. With the majority of those who knew of him killed, Xiolt-la was unable to re-manifest himself. The few remaining Children of God continue to attempt to spread SCP-2440, but so far have been unable to infect enough people to resurrect him.


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