The Children of Tarrone are a dangerous doomsday cult that act as the villains of one of the missions that make up the video-game SWAT 4. The cult is in SWAT's 9th mission.


The Children of Tarrone are a break-away group of a fictional separatist group in Idaho and believe their leader, Andrew Tarrone, is an all-knowing guru and prophet.

The cult turned homicidal when, for unknown reasons, they decided to create a fertilizer bomb by which to blow up their own home and a large chunk of the surrounding neighborhood with it - luckily an unknown informant (possibly an ex-member) calls the authorities beforehand and SWAT is called in to take out the cultists before they have the chance to go through with their plans.

Although the SWAT team does prevent the Children of Tarrone from committing this terrorist act, the cult's dark past is revealed via a disturbing discovery in the basement in the form of a mass gravesite for their children - who were presumably killed by the cult as part of their plan to become "transformed" via their alien god.


  • The Children of Tarrone were based upon various real-world UFO religions and cults (such as Heaven's Gate) - some of who shared their murderous background.
  • The mission in which they are featured, Children Of Taronne Tenement, was one of the most memorable missions in SWAT 4, but it was very controversial due to its depiction of infanticide. There is no evidence that the developer of SWAT 4, Irrational Games, ever intended to show dead children to the player, but the controversy inspired the Little Sisters in BioShock.