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The Children of the New Dawn are the main antagonistic group of the 2018 horror movie Mandy. They are a new-age cult who are responsible for the death of Red Miller's girlfriend Mandy Bloom.


The Children of the New Dawn are first seen when they are driving down the road as they pass Mandy Bloom as she heads to work, with the cult's leader Jeremiah Sand takes a liking to her and voices this to Mother Marlene before commanding his underling Brother Swan to capture Mandy and her husband Red Miller. Using the horn of Abraxas Swan summons the Black Skulls, giving them the tainted LSD that the demonic bikers have become addicted to and even sacrificing one of their members, Brother Lewis as he is dragged off and killed by the Skulls who kidnap Red and Mandy. Sand attempts to hypnotize Mandy into falling in love with him only to be mocked by her in which he heads outside to torture Red before tying Mandy into a sleeping bag and burning her alive, after which Red escapes and prepares to take his revenge. After killing the Black Skulls, Red then sets his sights on the Children after the mysterious Chemist tells Red the cult's location he intercepts the Cult's van and beats Brother Swan relentlessly before stabbing him through the mouth with the glaive end of his axe. However, as Sister Lucy looks on in fear Red continues on into the quarry in which he comes across Brother Hanker working on his car and swiftly kills him by throwing his axe directly into his head. After finding a chainsaw Red comes across Brother Klopek as Red readies his chainsaw Klopek grabs an even longer chainsaw as the two have a mock sword duel with the readied chainsaws until both disarm each other and Red grabs a nearby chain and lassos it around Klopek's neck before pulling him down on his own chainsaw where he is mulched to death. Red then enters the Children's temple where he encounters Mother Marlene who attempts to bargain for her life by offering to have sex with Red. However, this proves to be futile as Red decapitates her and tosses her head at Jeremiah who tells Red that due to him being supposedly imbued with holy power that he can't be hurt, however Red swiftly proves the cult leader wrong when he brings Jeremiah to his knees and crushes his skull with his bare hands. With his revenge complete Red sets fire to the temple before driving off into the forest.



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Children of the New Dawn
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