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"I aim to Freeze!"
~ Chill Bill seeing the skylanders

Chill Bill is a minor antagonist in the Skylanders franchise, serving as a supporting antagonist and trappable villain in Trap Team, and a minor antagonist in Superchargers and Imaginators. He is an evil troll who seeks to freeze everything he sees.

He was voiced by Billy West.


Chill Bill is a hostile, aggresive, evil troll who loves causing mischeif.


He has 2 long elf ears, yellow eyes, a brown belt, and blue pants.


Trap Team

Chill Bill is found at the Phoenix Psanctuary where he was seen freezing several birds with his freeze ray before he sees the Skylanders and starts to fight them with his freeze ray.

After getting defeated, Chill Bill gets trapped in a Water Trap and becomes playable.


Chill Bill is an AI racer in the Sea Supervillain Cup, driving a vehicle made of ice crystals.


Chill Bill retires as a supervillain and works alongside Broccoli Guy as an announcer in the Arena.


  • "Freeze! Freeze! Hahahahaha! I aim to freeze!"
  • "What will become of Chill Bill?"
  • "Remember me, AS A HERO!"
  • "We came, we saw, we froze some faces."
  • "Time to cool things down a little!"


  • He is one of the trappable villains to not have an American accent.
  • Strangely, if he's in a Trap or the Villain Vault, you can still hear him on the radio.
  • He shares a few similarities with Threatpack.
    • They are both troll villains of the Water Element.
    • They both have jetpacks (although Chill Bill cannot fly.)
    • They both have German accents.
    • They are both villains who see themselves as "heroes."
    • When about to be trapped, neither of them say a line that tries to persuade the Portal Master into capturing them.
  • After retiring as a villain, he becomes a Troll Radio Host along with Broccoli Guy.


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