Chilled's Elites are a pair of elite soldiers that are used by Chilled during his time as the ruler of the universe. The only known members where wiped out along with child during the Battle of Planet Plant.



Toobi is one of Chilled's two elites and the partner of Cabira. He is an antagonist in Dragon Ball Z Alongside Cabira. Toobi was sent by Chilled to conquer planets. After Bardock killed his partner Cabira, Toobi became enraged and attacks Bardock, only for the Saiyan to dodge and kill him. In the manga, Bardock kills him using an energy while in the anime, Bardock kicks Toobi into a mountain, killing him.

Toobi appears to be the superior in rank, perhaps even being second in command to Chilled himself. Toobi's power seems to be over 10,000.


Cabira was one of Chilled's Elites and an antagonist in the DBZ special, Episode of Bardock.

Cabira was sent to Planet Plant along with his comrade Toobi to conquer it. However, Bardock easily takes them both down without even breaking a sweat. They aren't seen afterwards. Cabira is not as high rank as Toobi but appears to be the superior of the two in power. His power is also over 10,000. He is the same species as Ginyu Force member Burter.


  • Another member of his race appears in the manga for Resurrection 'F'.
  • He appears to be the same species as Burter.
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