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Kevin Meltzer, nicknamed Chimera is a criminal obsessed with hunting and collecting the masks of vigilantes. He was eventually stopped by Team Arrow and apprehended.


Kevin Meltzer was saved by The Hood, which made him fanatical for vigilantes. However, due to mental issues, he was committed to a psych ward.

He eventually escaped, stole a Wayne Tech Exoskeleton and began to hunt vigilantes in order to collect their masks. He stole the masks of Ragman, Huntress, Wild Dog, and Emiko as Green Arrow. Based on sparing Wild Dog and Emiko, it can be assumed he spared Huntress and Ragman as well.

Later, he fought Green Arrow and John Diggle in the Hunt Multinational Building, where he escapes, though they found his lair. Afterward, he attacked Oliver at the Star City Community Safety Coalition in order to take his hood. Though he was later surprised by Wild Dog, Mr. Teriffic, and Dinah Drake. After a hard fight, he was apprehended, and later his identity was revealed to the public.

Powers and Abilities


Wearing the Wayne Tech Exoskeleton gave Kevin enhanced physical attributes.

  • Enhanced Strength: Kevin's suit grants him some level of enhanced strength. This seen when he easily threw around his opponents such as Green Arrow and other members of Team Arrow during his fights with them.
  • Enhanced Durability: Kevin's suit grants him enhanced durability. He's able to tank arrows, several gunshots, fall out of a building, and get smashed right through a concrete pillar by Dinah's sonic scream.
  • Enhanced Agility: Kevin's suit grants him some high degree of enhanced agility. This is seen when he was able to jump up onto and down a high platform.


  • Expert Tactician: Kevin is a highly capable planner.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Kevin can fight vigilantes in unarmed combat, he was able to fight Green Arrow, even managing to gain the upper hand in their fights, though this was probably due to his suit's capabilities. He was even able to fight Spartan, Wild Dog, Mister Terrific and Dinah Drake at the same time along with Green Arrow, though he was eventually defeated.
    • Expert Marksman: In the suit, Kevin can accurately shoot impact grenades. This was seen when he shot one of Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres while it was in midair. He can probably use firearms effectively, as he is seen carrying them on his person and at his hideout.
  • Stealth: Kevin was able to ambush Wild Dog, Emiko, and the Green Arrow.