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Tiger head: Oh, you don't have to worry about that.
Goat head: Yeah, you don't have to worry about anything anymore.
Snake head: Because we're going to have our apple pie with a ssside of filly filet.
~ Chimera plans to eat Apple Bloom and have apple pie.

The Chimera is a minor antagonist from the animated televison show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

She is a fearsome and talking creature with a Saber-toothed tiger's head and front legs, a goat's head and hind legs, and a snake's head for a tail; who lives in the Flame Geyser Swamp.

She appears as the main antagonist in the seventeenth episode of the fourth season entitled "Somepony to Watch Over Me", despite having only one scene, and later makes a minor appearance without lines in the eight season's two part finale "School Raze".

A chimera also appears in the chapter book "Princess Luna and the Festival of the Winter Moon" and in the second issue of the comic series "Feats of Friendship".

She was voiced by Ellen Kennedy.


Though it is technically one single creature, each of the heads are independent and refer to each other as "sisters". They suggest a history of bickering with each other, claiming they can never agree on what to eat, and fighting over who should be in charge.

  • The tiger always believes itself the leader and that is why the goat scolds it.
  • The goat is bossy and scandalous and she believes herself to be older than the others.
  • The snake tries to look cute and adorable when she talks. Apparently, she is the more hungry of the three.

The three together are a fearsome predator that likes eat pies and foals. It should be noted that when someone enters the swamp, the chimera refers to him/her as "my guest".


Somepony to Watch Over Me

In "Somepony to Watch Over Me", Apple Bloom encounters and meets the chimera when she is trying to deliver pies and is crossing through the Flame Geyser Swamp, for Apple Bloom was trying to show that she was an independent pony and that she did not always need someone to help and watch over her.

When Apple Bloom sees the Chimera, she tries to get away before the monster comes near, but the swamp's fire geysers do not leave her, forcing her to stay. When turning over, the chimera already came too close. The chimera's Tiger head tells her that she should stay where she are because "this is the only safe spot around here". Apple Bloom don't believe this, and the Tiger and the Goat Heads tell her that there is only escape from the fire geysers but no escape from them, however. The Snake Head sweetly tells them that she didn't hear them and kindly asks them to speak louder (although they don't seem to).

The Tiger says to Apple Bloom that they have not eaten for days, the Goat and the Snake tell her that they never agree to choose what to eat except the pies. Apple Bloom says that unfortunately the pies are for the ponies of a city on the other side of the swamp. But the Chimera tells her that she will not have to worry about that or anything else, because they will eat pies with of some "Filly Fillet", seriously worrying and scaring Apple Bloom, who backs off (casually cornered) while being threatened by the beast.

The Chimera hungrily counts to three, then attacking and chasing Apple Bloom across the swamp with intent of eating her and the pies (and eventually the Chimera get hurt by one of the geysers). Apple Bloom without knowing it well briefly gives the three-headed beast the slip causing the snake to chase her while she runs around the chimera to entangle them and trip up and hides the pie cart in some bushes.

The chimera catches up and corners Apple Bloom and they threaten her to tell them where the Pies are, but unfortunately for them, even the snake can not locate them.

The goat blames the tiger for believing that he should always be in charge, and the tiger thinks Apple Bloom is lucky because she has no idea what it feels like to have a sister who is always controlling her. Apple Bloom, however, was going to say the opposite due to the problems she has had with Applejack at home, but the goat interrupts her saying that they will have to settle for eating her without the pies, causing Apple Bloom to want her sister to be there to help her.

Before the chimera finally ate the filly, Applejack arrives and battles the Chimera. Applejack puts the snake head to sleep with a flute, then throws a chair into the tiger head's mouth, and when the chimera runs at her, the snake's neck get caught in a tree and the tiger head's teeth get stuck in another tree, unable to remove them. Applejack appeases the goat head with some cheese. The chimera is left trapped in the trees afterwards and they move on.

Other Appearances

Chimerae are mentioned by Fluttershy in "Yakity-Sax".

In "School Raze", the Chimera appears as one of the creatures imprisoned in the tartarus. Like their cellmates, they take part of Twilight's plan to use the imprisoned monsters' magic to open the doors so she and the rest of the Mane Six along with Spike can escape. Because of this, the Chimera was divided into a normal saber-toothed tiger, a goat, and a snake; and when the Young Six return magic stolen by Cozy Glow to Equestria, they glue themselves again.

In "The Last Crusade", Scootaloo mentions that her father Snap Shutter once got trapped in a chimera's cave for three moons


In "Feats of Frienship Issue 2", at the third event of the olympics, the teams are tasked with working together to put a ferocious beast in a cage. For the Young Six and Swift Foot, their beast is the three-headed chimera from Somepony to Watch Over Me, who easily catch and cage Ocellus and Swift Foot, with the later telling the beast to catch Yona for being the strongest.

After some initial tension between teammates, Gallus tries to act as team leader and give instruction to his teammates, but Yona quickly gets caught by the chimera's snake head. Sandbar abandons Yona and pressures Ocellus into transforming into something huge to fight the chimera. Ocellus eventually turns into a giant cyclops-clops and tosses the chimera into a cage.

The Young Six win the event, and Swift Foot is actually impressed by the teamwork they demonstrated, but the six friends are even more upset with each other.

Powers and Skills

  • Claws: The Tiger and the Goat can use the claws of their tiger front legs.
  • Sharp Teeth: All three heads have fairly sharp teeth that make her a somewhat dangerous opponent.
  • Superhuman Jumps: Just like any wild cat, the Chimera can perform absurdly high and long jumps.
  • Superhuman strength: The Goat's long hind legs allow her to kick powerfully, and their robust body shakes the ground a little as she jumps and falls. The Snake Head can bear the weight of Yona, who is a Yak.
  • Fire Breath: The Goat Head can spew and breath fire from her nose and mouth, respectively.
  • Enhanced Speed: The Chimera caught up to Ocellus running and threw her into a cage during the strange sport of friendship.
  • Flexibility: The Snake can obviously roll up and stretch (which Apple Bloom used as an advantage to trip the Chimera).
  • High Intelligence: She is not an amoral monster.


Tiger head: I'd stay where you are. This is the only safe spot around here.
Apple Bloom: [nervous whimpering] It don't look so safe to me.
Tiger head: Oh, we just mean from the flames.
Goat head: Yeah, not from us.
~ The Chimera indirectly introduces herself to Apple Bloom in her own way, also showing themselves as enemies for the filly.
Snake head: What was that? Ah, can you guysss ssspeak up?
Tiger head: I was about to tell our guest how we haven't eaten in days.
Goat head: My sisters and I can never agree on what to eat.
Snake head: [hisses] Excccept... pie.
~ The Chimera expressing her feelings to Apple Bloom.
Tiger head: Now, sisters, on three! One!
Goat head: Two!
Snake head: [hisses] Three!
~ Before attacking Apple Bloom.
Tiger head: Where are the pies?!
Snake head: They're not back here.
~ The Chimera threats Apple Bloom to force her to tell them where she hid the pies, but the snake looks around and does not find them.
Goat head: This is your fault! You think you've always got to be in charge!
~ The goat blaming the tiger and expressing her feelings against its leadership, much to its annoyance.
Goat head: Let's try listening to me for a change! And I say, if there are no pies, let's settle for the filly filet!
Snake head: [hisses] Any lassst wordsss?
Apple Bloom: I really wish my sister were here!
Applejack: Hang on, Apple Bloom! I'm a-comin'!
~ The Chimera heads finally agree to eat Apple Bloom, so they prepare to do so, only to be interrupted by Applejack.
Tiger head and Goat head: Get her!
Goat head: Hey! I thought I was in charge now!
~ Chimera preparing to fight Applejack, although they keep fighting to be in charge.





  • In Greek mythology, the chimera is a monstrous fire-breathing creature with the body and head of a lion, a goat's head rising from its back, and a tail ending in a snake's head.
    • The lion's head being replaced by a tiger's head may be a reference to actual real life male lions as the chimera is portrayed to be female in mythology.
    • Though the Goat Head was seen breathing and spewing fire in School Raze - Part 2 and Feats of Friendship Issue 2, respectively.
  • She is the third MLP: FiM villain to actually attempt to kill (technically eat) the protagonist. The first was Ahuizotl and the second was Sunset Shimmer.
    • Of course, she would be considered the fourth if King Sombra was included.
    • Unlike them however, the chimera's motivations were out of pure predatory instincts rather than true evil, even though she does it to make her villainous father proud.
  • The goat's head appears vaguely similar to Grogar, her father.
  • It is never mentioned if something is done about the Chimera after the episode.
    • In addition, although Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon passed through the Flame Geyser Swamp in the season 8 episode Road to Friendship, they never encountered the Chimera.
      • Although it's later revealed in School Raze - Part 1 that the Chimera became a prisoner of Tartarus, though whether or not it's the same Chimera remains to be seen.
  • The Snake Head was the only one not seen fighting with her sisters/siblings for being in charge.
  • In Croatian (RTL), The tiger head of the chimera was changed to be male and is voiced by a male VA, with the tiger head using male pronouns when referring to itself and the goat head distinctly referring to the other heads as brother and sister, which makes more sense.


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