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Chimp is the unnamed protagonist of Nitrome game Super Stock Take. He is a black chimpanzee with a large red nose and ears and no visible mouth that wears a yellow hat and matching overalls and a yellow Cuboy on its hat.


In each level, the chimp is ordered by the Nitrome Boss to collect items and objects for different Nitrome games. He is controlled with the arrow keys or WASD and space bar, to make him move left and right, jump up or pick up a block. When he picks up a block, the player can press the spacebar to throw it in the direction they are facing, or simply set it down in front of them by pressing the down arrow key or the "S" button again.

While carrying a block, the chimp cannot turn around, forcing the player to somehow get to the other side of the block if they wish to throw it in another direction. However, if the block is on the chimp's head, then he can move around and face any direction he wants to while throwing the block in his preferred direction but cannot set the block down. It can slide off his head if something blocks its path.

The chimp is likely very strong, as it can pick up, carry and throw any size or number of blocks (although, he can still be killed by any hazards, such as lasers and hazards which would force the player to start again if the chimp comes in contact with them). He enjoys eating peanuts so in return for his work to the Nitrome boss, he is paid with a "peanut wage".

In the ending, the chimp escapes with a huge batch of stolen peanuts that was meant to be the coding department's salary next month. Discovering this, the Nitrome boss is visibly enraged and decides to track the chimp down with his bare hands.

The chimp has made a couple more appearances since the game. In the Kraken skin, he is seen holding the Kraken's large tentacle and in "Icebreaker Now has Achievements", there is a "Wanted" poster with the chimp's face on it.


  • In the ending, an employee mentions that the chimp is a janitor while reporting the theft of peanuts.


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