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China, officially known as The People's Republic of China, or PRC, are the posthumous overarching antagonists of the Fallout video game franchise.

China served as the primary opposition to the United States of America, as a result of the Resource Wars over drying up fossil fuel reserves leading into the Sino-American War that after several years of warfare, then escalated into the Great War/World War III, as the Chinese and American militaries launched their nuclear payloads at each other, turning much of both countries and the Earth into a smoldering, radioactive Wasteland from the resulting nuclear fallout of the dozens of nuclear detonations that resulted from the war.


Initially, China had been on good terms with the United States, even after the ferocity of the Korean War where the People's Liberation Army (PLA) came to the aid of the Korean People's Army (KPA) to force the United Nations coalition led by the United States out of North Korea/DPRK and keep the Korean Peninsula divided between the Communist north, and the democratic South Korea/ROK. However, without the development of the transistor in 1947 in the alternate timeline in the Fallout series takes place in, nuclear and atomic power become dominant as the United States entered an "atompunk" golden age, soon leading into an energy crisis as fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas were used up much faster than in real life, leading to the Resource Wars. After the United Nations disbanded, unable to maintain peace, and the European Union and Middle East were left devastated from conflict between them with the Middle East oil fields all used up, China decided to make its move to secure the Alaskan oil supplies, even after the United States claimed them first since they were on U.S. soil and refused to share the precious resource with other countries with how limited oil was now with the loss of the Middle East oil fields.

As a result, the People's Liberation Army launched their offensive to take the Alaskan oil supplies by military force, managing to secure them and capture the Alaskan state capital of Anchorage, giving them control over Alaska and its precious oil. In response, the U.S. is forced to annex Canada as a new Commonwealth territory to provide unrestricted access from the continental U.S. to Alaska to take back their territory. Though the Chinese held the advantage initially, the invention of power armor for the U.S. military, such as the T-45, T-51, and T-60, gave the U.S. a huge advantage over the PLA. Once Chinese forces were being decimated piecemeal by the power armored troops, many started to surrender upon realizing their opposition was power armor soldiers.

To further divide and conquer the PLA, U.S. forces began landing in the PRC to force the PLA to divide its forces between defending Alaska and their motherland from the invading U.S. troops, but against the power armor soldiers of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, the PLA was falling apart at the seams. As the United States tricentennial approached, the U.S. was finally able to evict the Chinese from Alaska, liberate Anchorage, and the Stars and Stripes once more flew over every territory in North America under U.S. control. With Alaska back in U.S. hands, more troops were transferred to the front in China to topple the Communist Party of China and end their rule over the PRC, but the Chinese still had one ace left up their sleeve in a desperate last gamble to save the Motherland from the American war machine.

As American forces closed in on Beijing on October 23rd, 2077, in the United States, NORAD radar had detected People's Liberation Navy submarines armed with SLBMs approaching the Western and Eastern Seaboards, People's Liberation Air Force nuclear bombers in the air, and radar-detected launches of at least four ICBM nuclear missiles from mainland China. The U.S. President authorizes counter-measure MX-CN91 with the nuclear football, which authorized the launch of the United States' entire ICBM nuclear arsenal alongside the SLBMs and nuclear bombers, and at 9:42 AM EST, NYC and Philadelphia were the first cities to be destroyed by the Chinese nukes. Five minutes later at 9:47 AM EST, total nuclear Armageddon was unleashed on the entire Earth, lasting for two hours before everything went silent as the Earth was forever altered by the nuclear apocalypse.

If anyone was still alive in China after the nuclear exchange, Communist or Capitalist, soldier or civilian, Chinese or American, their lives were now forever altered in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland.

However, there were some members of the PLA who survived the Great War/World War III, but now felt regretful and remorseful for their actions that led to the nuclear apocalypse. Among those two hundred years after the bombs fell was Captain Zao of the Yangtze who, after being turned into a Ghoul by the radiation, now only wanted to have his submarine repaired so he could return home to the Motherland and attempt to rebuild as much as he could before his time came, having endured two hundred years of isolation after the rest of his crew succumbed and turned feral, forever regretting having followed his orders to nuke the U.S. in a vain attempt to save Beijing from being captured by the U.S. forces pushing across Chinese soil towards it, now no longer considering the Americans his enemy because of the nuclear holocaust that came from the Great War.

Even twenty-five years after the Great War, there were members of the People's Liberation Army who survived while on American soil itself, such as the scientists at the Fujiniya Intelligence Base in Morgantown beneath the Mama Dolce's food processing factory, and PLA members hidden within a secret Chinese bunker known as The Deep underneath the Whitespring, having attempted to breach the Whitespring Bunker to gain access to MODUS and the Enclave secrets hidden within. By 2013, a Vault Dweller from Vault 76 enters The Deep while recruiting a team from the New Appalachia Settlers to raid Vault 79 with, and discovers Agent Mochou, a PLA spy with a special Chinese stealth suit, who turns out to be the Ghoulified mother of Jen from the Settlers, who could provide her stealth suit for Jen to use to help raid Vault 79 with. After the Vault 76 Resident convinces Jen to spare her mother's life, despite Mochou's service to the Chinese Communist regime and being seen as a traitor to America, or to China if some sort of chain of command from Mochou's superiors in the PLA are still alive and learn of her defection to the surviving American population, Mochou moves in to join Jen in Foundation after the raid on Vault 79 is successful and the stealth suit is destroyed to ensure it can't be tracked anymore so the surviving PLA commanders can track Mochou down and execute her for treason, especially with the Liberator robots that still lingered on U.S. soil outside Vault 76 and elsewhere in Appalachia.

Known Figures

  • Chairman Cheng
  • General Jingwei
  • Captain Zao
  • Agent Mochou (formerly)


  • Chinese Soldiers
  • Chinese Inferno units
  • Chinese Launchers
  • Crimson Dragoons
  • Chinese Snipers
  • Chinese Remnant soldiers
  • Chinese Remnant spies
  • Chinese Remnant officers
  • Chinese Remnant Sergeants
  • Chinese Remnant Captains
  • Chimera Tanks
  • Spider Drones
  • Communist Soldiers
  • Communist Militants
  • Liberators
  • Communist Commanders
  • Communist Comissars


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