Chip Endale

Chip Endale is a minor villain from the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

He starts out as an ally to the player, and even the boyfriend of the female player. He worked at the Kaja'cola company with the player, along with Sassy and Candy Cane. Eventually, Deathwing attacks Kezan, causing much of the island to be destroyed. Chip and the rest of the Goblins evacuated in the Trade Prince's yacht, where they were caught in the middle of a naval battle between the Alliance and Horde and washed up on the beach of an unknown island.

Because the player lost all of their money and power, Chip and Candy no longer like them, and have sided with the corrupt Trade Prince. At the end of the Lost Isles quest chain, it is revealed that Chip is now dating Candy Cane. Chip is charged with overseeing Gallywix's Oil Rig, where the player finds him. The two battle, and Chip is killed.

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