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I'm a doctor and a mother, and somehow I forgot that. I can't do this anymore. I'm out.
~ Chiren renouncing her ties to Vector.

Chiren is a major antagonist turned anti-hero in the 2019 film Alita: Battle Angel. She is the ex-wife of Dr. Dyson Ido, the right hand of Vector and an accomplice of Nova.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Connelly, who also played Melanie Cavill in the 2020 series Snowpiercer.


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Chiren had a daughter named Alita, then Alita was killed by one of Dyson’s enemies. Chiren couldn’t deal with Alita’s death, so she joined Nova and Vector at some point. From then she was a scientist working for Vector and repairing his cyborgs. One day she comes to visit Ido, they talk about Alita, but then Vector picks her up.

In the night, Chiren is in Vector’s building, Grewishka breaks in with chaos. He tells her what Alita did to him. Later she appears repairing Grewishka and Vector comes in, and tells Grewishka to finish Alita. He returns unsuccessful. In the final battle, Chiren appears to hunt down Alita and Hugo, but she does refuse. Later Vector asked her why she didn’t kill Alita, and Chiren says she gives up, and she does leave. Vector then has her killed and harvested her organs.



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