Tremble now mortals, for your world is at its end!
~ Chiros

Chiros, also known as Lord Chiros, Chiros the Destroyer, or simply The Destroyer, is one of the primary antagonists in Kong: The Animated Series.

He was voiced by Paul Dobson.


According to Lua, Chiros was once an Atlantean Shaman who, dissatisfied with knowledge, sought to master forbidden powers that would unlock the cosmic forces of the universe. However, something went wrong during one of his rituals, and he ended up unleashing the dark forces of chaos upon Atlantis, which also transformed him into a terrible demon powerful enough to destroy the universe.

With his new powers, Chiros sought to rule the world, starting with Atlantis. To resist him, the ancient Shamans united their powers and created the twelve sacred Primal Stones, which was the only force that could pit against him. The final battle between Chiros and the Shamans seemed to be an unending one, but ultimately the original Kong rose to help in the fight, and Chiros was finally imprisoned in a mystical tablet, and the thirteenth Primal Stone - the Time Stone - was created in this process as well to banish him into another dimension where he was supposed to remain forever.

However, after De La Porta stole some of the Primal Stones for nefarious purposes, Chiros slowly regained strength to break free, bit by bit, from his imprisonment. Unable to leave where he was imprisoned, he would usually have Harpy, one of his devoted followers, handle his errands.

To combat Kong, Chiros would often send Ominous among his faithful monsters to fight Kong.

In the final episode, Chiros was fully released. He proved to be far too much for even Kong to handle, but was eventually defeated thanks to an ancient incantation Lua cast through utilising the full power of all the Primal Stones - the stones not only rejuvenated Kong to full strength, but also created a portal which Kong threw Chiros into. The portal was then destroyed by Kong, leaving Chiros trapped forever in an another dimension.


  • Chiros shares the title "The Destroyer" with the Destroyer Armor from the Marvel comics. Also sharing the same title are the 2 Ghostbusters villains, the destructive deity Gozer and the malevolent demon Dumazu.
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