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Chizuru Kirishiki was Sunako Kirishiki´s adoptive mother and one of the villains in the manga/anime series Shiki.

She was voiced by Ai Orikasa in the Japanese version, and by Lydia Mackay in the English dubbed version.


Life Before Death

Chizuru reveals that prior to becoming a Shiki, she was married but had no children. Her husband died in a war in the South.

Life in Sotoba

She targets Ozaki Toshio and sucks his blood with Seishirou's aid. However, her hypnotism doesn't work on him, as Toshio has already been bitten by Natsuno who ordered him to always make things by his own will, so Chizuru's orders only take second priority

Chizuru's End

Chizuru's final moments.

Toshio then lures Chizuru out on a date with him to the village's festival. There, he exposes her nature as a Shiki, and together with Mr. Shimizu (her victim's, Megumi's father), impales and kills Chizuru. Her death starts the all-out war between the villagers and the Shikis.


  • Despite Sunako's younger appearance she was seen as the mother figure to Chizuru due to her maturity and intellect compared to Chizuru's childish attitude.
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