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Chokers are murderous humanoid monsters found in Dungeons & Dragons, they are classed as aberrations due to their alien abilities and mindset.

Chokers usually lair underground. They resemble small (roughly 3 and a half or so feet tall) greyish-black humanoids. Their four limbs are tubular and very flexible, having a snake-like bone structure and a serrated spine. These ophidian limbs, instead of ending in hands or feet, break off into five short tentacles, each of which is toothed and padded. They are usually chaotic evil in alignment.

Chokers are solitary, elusive, vicious creatures shrouded in mystery. A choker's only desire in life seems to be to kill those it encounters and run off. Using its padded tentacles it can climb and crawl on almost any surface, and it catches prey by lurking above doorways, archways, staircases, or ceiling corners, or below the rims of wells, and ambushing those who pass within reach. It attacks by reaching or leaping from its hiding space and grappling in order to, as its name suggests, choke the victim. Chokers speak Undercommon.