The "Choking Doberman" Burglar is the subject of a popular urban legend, commonly known as the "Choking Doberman" story.

In the most popular version of the story, a young woman comes home one day to find her pet doberman is choking on something. Unable to find the cause, she takes the dog to the vet, where the vet is also unable to find any apparent obstruction. Telling the woman that they will have to perform surgery, the vet sends the woman home. However, no sooner does the woman arrive home than they are called by the vet. The vet tells the woman to get out of the house immediately - the objects the doberman was choking on were human fingers, meaning that a burglar had broken in and was attacked by the dog; furthermore, the burglar is likely still in the house. The woman does as instructed and waits for the police to arrive. Upon checking the house, the police, sure enough, find a burglar hiding in a closet, missing some of his fingers.

In other variations of the story, the burglar escapes the house undetected, only being caught when he goes to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. In still others, the story is given a racist spin in that the vet tells the woman that the fingers are from a black or Hispanic man. Sometimes the breed of dog is changed to a pit bull or rottweiler. Sometimes the story has a prologue in which the woman is given the dog by her father for protection after moving to the city, or gets the dog on the advice of a lawyer after going through a bad divorce.

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