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Chongire is one of the major antagonists of the anime series, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. He was one of the Witch of Delays' servants on the villain.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Shirokuma, who also voiced Riz in BEASTARS, Azuma in Fairy Tail, Corsac in RWBY, Cervantes de Leon in Soul Edge and Libra in Mega Man Star Force.


Chongire is the blue hermit crab with the red scarf on his neck and red belt on his waist.


He was not found to stealing Motivation Power, unless he will have to do it from the Witch of Procrastination has to do it himself.



During the first episode, Chongire is summons to the Yaraneeda and steal Motivation Power for the group from runners. Chongire looks at Laura and a Yaraneeda to kidnapped her to stealing Motivation Power. Later on, it became happen, he watching and interrupts as giving birth to Cure Summer. Chongire decides to attacks by Yaraneeda to stealing Summer's Motivation Power, then he feels unmotivated. He leaving because Yaraneeda is defeated by Summer.