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Chop Shop is a minor antagonist from Swat Kats and the initial one for Swat Kats Unplugged.


Chop Shop is has a more hyena-like appearance in relation to other villains on the show. He has blank green eyes, yellow fur with spots and a pink mohawk and dresses in blue.

Powers and Abilities

Chop Shop is capable of piloting a flying vehicle and will pull out a firearm when forced on foot.


Chop Shop is shown escaping two enforcers by launching projectiles that cut their vehicles to pieces.

The Swat Kats promptly intervene in his escape attempt where they have a brief scuffle where a failed counter attack from Chop Shop cuts down a tower.

After Chop Shop's vehicle is downed, he tries too shoot only for Commander Feral to shoot his gun out of his hands and take him into custody.


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