Chop Sue is one of the three main antagonists in SteamWorld Heist.


SteamWorld Heist

Chop Sue found a peace of Vectron tech and created Zombots, over time the created a group known as the Scrappers witch is a combination of Steambots that were fed up of the Royalists and her Zombot creations.

She was only mentioned a few times by other characters until Piper's crew went to her Chop Shop.

Chop Sue with her Scrapper creations went to fight Piper and her crew until she was gunned down. Piper's crew went to celebrate but later went to take on the Royalists themselves.

She was also mentioned by the main antagonist Vectron itself after being freed by Piper and by the DLC miniboss known as the Jester.

Powers and Abilities

Chop Sue used a peace of Vectron technology to rebuild fallen steambots and turn them into the Zombot Scrappers. She also can summon them after a bold of lighting. Chop Sue can also create a shield around herself, as well as jump very high and has a heavy punch.

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