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You might have defeated the others, but you're no match for me! You're going to die by my hand, girl!
~ Chopper to Alyssa Hamilton

Harold Powell also known as Chopper, is a supporting antagonist in the survival horror game Clock Tower 3. He is the third stalker and the Head of the Subordinates.

He was voiced by Mike Hayley in the English version and voiced by Yoshinori Okamoto in the Japanese version.


Harold Powell, he was a woodcutter who was was laughed at his entire life. When he fell in love with Emily Dickins and proposed marriage to her, he was cruelly rejected. In turn, he was possessed by an Entity, and revived to hunt for Rooders.

When Alyssa confronts another Subordinate, she looks from when she had just been born. Hearing a scream from the stair balcony, Alyssa runs to find her father struggling against her grandfather, Dick Hamilton. Her father is thrown off the balcony Once she meets the spirits of other Rooders who lost battles against the Subordinates. Alyssa fights Chopper with the help from the Rooder spirits.

He is last seen with the other Subordinate as the Ritual of Engagement proceeds. 



  • His stalker theme is "A Shadow Creeping Near".
  • Chopper is so far known to be the youngest Subordinate in the game, aged 19 just before he died.
  • Chopper bears some resemblance to the God of War protagonist, Kratos, in terms of weaponry and appearance. They also both slaughtered women they had loved. However, the only difference is that Kratos' murdering of his wife was not deliberate. Clock Tower 3 was also released before God of War, meaning Chopper is unrelated to Kratos.
  • Throughout all the stalkers, Chopper is the most tragic stalker in Clock Tower 3, thus making a tragic villain.
  • The meaning of the name Harold is "leader of an army", which is fitting as his ranking in the game is Head of Subordinates.


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