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Muscle of the Goddess, also known as the Chort are the large demons from the video-game Agony.


The Chorts bodies built resemble to a male human. Behind of them, they have very long tails, sharp fingernails, a very tongue and feet which resemble mostly to the animal paws. Their faces appear to be very disfigured of two human-faces merged together. It doesn't appear that they have any eyes or teeth. Instead they have tentacles looking-like horns. They appear to be most of the time very aggressive beasts that would serve the Goddess with their muscles, while they have the ability of viciously attacking the victims with brute force.

As mentioned, they are very dangerous creatures, but the victims have a way to escape them. The victims can easily dodge them and they are very slow to chase them down. If they caught them, they might end up becoming small smashed pieces.

Other form

Enormous Chort

The Enormous Chorts is a giant version of the normal-Chorts and a final boss of the Chapter 3 in the game, which also re-appears in Chapter 4. This demon is very similar to the original, except it's massive size and different appearance style. Though he is much aggressive then the usual one.


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