Chota is the main villain of the Amiga 1200 fantasy video-game, Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, a power-hungry anthropomorphic racoon he is the one who stole the Orb of Storms and destabilized the Tribes in order to try and conquer all of the lands via using the Orb's true potential and command weather, via the use of such power Chota intended on becoming a "governor of the people" who would control the weather and grant the citizens whatever they desired, however he also made it clear he would use that same power to cause floods, droughts and other cataclysmic events should any Tribe try and oppose his rule, in effect making him a megalomaniac with dreams of complete global conquest.




Chota is a classical villain, prone to evil laughter and delusions of grandeur - however, he also saw himself as a noble racoon who would rule as a "benevolent" dictator, ending the "silly" wars and conflicts of the land via forcing all Tribes to be as one : despite this he was clearly a malevolent entity and planned on causing floods, droughts or worse in order to conquer the land.. he was also extremely clever, able to manipulate the Tribes against one another if it suited his aims.. all in all, Chota was a megalomaniac who would stop at nothing to obtain personal fame and power.


  • as if often the case with major villains Chota plays the least amount of time in the story, with the Boar King and Prince of the Dog Tribes being the more visible threats, however Chota outranks both in his grand scheme and true threat to the land as a whole.