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Chris is a major anti-hero turned protagonist in Season 2 of Cobra Kai. He later switched to training under Miyagi-Do.

He is portrayed by Khalil Everage.


Chris and his friend Mitch were among the students who were inspired to join Cobra Kai after seeing Miguel Diaz's impressive performance at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament. They were soon taken in by Hawk as part of his gang, who gave them both derogatory nicknames.

Chris and Mitch later accompanied Hawk along with Doug Rickenburger and Mikey to go confront Demetri over a negative Yelp review he had left for Cobra Kai. After Demetri refused to take the review down, Hawk and his goons attacked him, but were fought off by Samanta LaRusso and Robby Keene.

After Hawk's gang vandalized the Miyagi-Do dojo, the Cobra Kais were confronted by Daniel LaRusso. Growing tired of mistreatment from Hawk and the aggressive attitude of the other Cobra Kais, Chris was among the handful of students who left Cobra Kai to join Miyagi-Do. His friend Mitch however stayed with Cobra Kai.

During the massive fight at West Valley High between the Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai students, Chris and Mitch soon found themselves face-to-face. After Chris insisted he wouldn't throw the first punch, Mitch attacks Chris first and gets a heavy kick to the back. Chris dominates the fight by blocking all of Mitch's punches and delivering some hits of his own until Mitch kicks him to the floor. However, is defeated by Chris after he hits him across the face with a textbook.


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