Oh, the light...
~ Chris upon his defeat.

Chris is one of the antagonists from The King of Fighters' 97.


Chris was a normal kid who lived his life peacefully. He formed a rock band with Yashiro Nanakase and Shermie, where he played the drums. When a scheduled show of them was canceled in favor of the jazz band of Iori Yagami, Yashiro got really angry, swearing revenge on Iori, and upon discovering he qas entering the King of Fighters tournament, he decided the three of them must join as well for payback. They defeat and take the invitations for the tournament from a weaker team since the preliminaries had already finished and entered the tournament.

As the tournament progressed, Chris realized that not only him but his two pals were the Heavenly Kings, the strongest members of the Hakkeshu, and that they had a duty to continue from were Goenitz left and resurrect Orochi. To fulfil the plan, he works with his friends to gather the energy of the fighters so that Orochi can finally awake and kidnap Yuki, the girlfriend of Kyo Kusanagi and a descendant of Princess Kushinada who was needed to be sacrificed for Orochi to achieve his proper form and power. After the finals of the tournament, they transform into their Heavenly King personas and trigger the Riot of the Blood in Iori and Leona, since the two are not of pure Orochi blood and therefore unable to control the essence of Orochi within them. After the two go berserk and are subdued, the trio reveal themselves and their plans before challenging Kyo and his team, so that he can gather the final energy necessary for the awakening. The trio is defeated and Yuki is saved. However, Orochi has received enough energy from the battle and awakens, possessing Chris and transmutating hus body to achieve a new form and fight Kyo. Kyo and Iori join their forces with Chizuru Kagura, defeating Orochi and sealing it again. While his final fate after the climatic battle is unknown, it is generally believed that Chris and his friends, like Orochi got sealed away.


Chris is normally a very shy and cheerful kid. However, he does what must be done. After he awakens his Heavenly King form, his personality becomes more sadistic and contemptuous.



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